BSScouting NBA All Star Team 2020-2021

Casting a Ballot for NBA All-Star Starters and Reserves - The Ringer

We are in the business of what should happen, not what will happen. So these are not all star predictions. These are our BSScouting All Star Teams. This is based off what we believe should or should’ve happened.



G.) Bradley Beal

He’s done everything he can. Yes his team has struggled, but only so much is in your control. Beal’s been arguably the best SG in the league.

G.) Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown is a great two-way player that really is now getting the volume and respect around the league he deserves. 

F.) Kevin Durant

KD hasn’t shown any signs of coming off a serious leg injury. KD is KD still.

F.) Giannis Antetokounmpo

While he’s not having the same MVP type season, he’s still a very talented player and deserves to be a starter.

F.) Joel Embiid 

Been the second best player in all of basketball this year. He’s putting on a phenomenal season thus far.


G.) Zach LaVine

Zach could always score, but is doing so very efficiently and his team is getting enough wins where he should be getting on the All Star team.

G.) Kyrie Irving

Kyrie has played very well in games he’s played in. Irving is still playing great on one end, but struggling a lot on the defensive end which why he’s off the bench unlike Jaylen Brown who’s doing it on both ends.

F.) Jayson Tatum

Tatum is still a dynamic player and while he’s not a starter, he is most certainly having another terrific season.

F.) Domantas Sabonis

Sabonis is having another all star caliber season. His old-school hard nosed game is still effective and he’s been very consistent.

F.) Julius Randle

Randle has consistently performed and that whole offense is focused around him and they are winning games. He’s playing the best basketball in his career and deserves the all star nod.

G.) James Hardin

Hardin is low on this list, but that’s because of a lot of the turnover and lack of availability and it hasn’t been perfect with him in Brooklyn. Like Kyrie, he’s not doing a great job defensively, but he’s definitely an all-star. No doubt.

F.) Pascal Siakam

Toronto has too good of a record for them to not have an All Star. Siakam does it on both ends of the floor and for what seemed like a down year to start, he’s picked it up as of late. 


G.) Trae Young

Young has been very good this year, but the east backcourt has gotten better. This might seem like a big blow going from an All Star starter to an alternate. However, Young is only in his 3rd year and will make many All Star teams down the road.



G.) Steph Curry

Steph has been great this year. He’s reminding us all of the player we fell in love with years ago and has been one of the best players in basketball this season.

G.) Damian Lillard 

Damian Lillard seems to be the most obvious snub from the starting lineup on the all star team. He’s led his team to an impressive 18-12 record despite the injuries this team has faced.

F.) LeBron James

The MVP of the league so far has been having another LeBron-like season. No surprises here.

F.) Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi leading the Clippers this year to second in the West and doing it on both ends as usual. 

F.) Nikola Jokic

Despite great team success, Jokic is having arguably his best season yet so far. We agree with all of the front court players the media, players, and fans chose.


G.) Luka Doncic

Luka is having a terrific year and his team hasn’t been good, but they had a very bad stretch with Covid where they were missing key role players for stretches of time. Luka’s still having a great season even if it’s not the “MVP” type season many of us expected.

G.) Donavon Mitchell

Best player on the best team in the NBA. His numbers aren’t quite what many of these top guards are putting up, but it’d be a crime if he wasn’t on this list.

F.) Anthony Davis

Even though Davis won’t participate most likely, he should still be selected as he is one of the most dominant bigs in the league.

F.) Paul George

PG is having a nice comeback year after last year’s struggles by his standards. He’s shooting the ball well and is clearly the second best player on the second best team in the conference.

F.) Rudy Gobert

Like Paul George, Rudy Gobert is the clear 2nd best player on the best team in the NBA right now. His rim protection and pick and roll ability open up the game on both ends of the floor. 

G.) Chris Paul

Chris Paul is doing it again. He has put a franchise on his back and his leadership has been a huge factor as to why the Suns are finally a playoff team as they are the 4th seed in the West.

G.) Devin Booker

Another Sun making the roster. It’s hard to say who’s been more impactful between CP3 and Booker, but Booker is finally being put in positions to succeed and can get a bucket. He deserves to make his second all-star appearance.


F.) Zion Williamson

With Davis most likely out, this is the alternate I would have in his place. It’s a toss up between him and Brandon Ingram, but Zion’s efficiency and explosiveness is second to none and they have both had all-star caliber seasons, but they’re team success significantly hurts their all star chances.

Article Written by Bradley Patten

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